Being friendly and efficient
Friendly and efficient debt-recovery: get paid and keep your customers
As the owner of a small or medium sized business, all the time spent attempting to collect outstanding debt, is time lost from tending to your clients or acquiring new business. At Straetus our carefully trained teams focus entirely on considerate debt collection on your behalf – making sure we collect your invoices and preserve your customer for future business.
Why the franchise model works for our customers
Unique franchise model for global benefits, tailored to local needs
Our franchisees are entrepreneurs. Like our clients. Most of our franchisees work on a no cure no fee base. Therefore, they are more motivated to be successful. Doing so, they built up a client portfolio and.. a sustainable business. Our franchisees are the chain between the debtor and the client. And because Straetus works in over 10 countries, it is likely that we have a Straetus franchisee, next to your debtor.
Personal approach, we don’t like call centres
Convincing people to pay their debts can be tricky and often requires patience and good people skills. Our invested franchisees will put in that effort for you, because they know their success relies on your success. They are backed up by our global network of expertise and information, assisting them in every step of the debt-recovery process.
Streamlined software for adding and tracking your unpaid debts
Our high end software manages workflows automatically and operates as a huge network and database of clients and known debtors from all over the world. Also, our system allows you to easily add, edit and keep track of unpaid invoices – whenever it suits you.
A time saving service
You do what you do best: Focus on your business, while Straetus focuses on collecting your accounts receivables and overdue invoices.